Who we are

In 2007 a group of students passionate about case studies participated in their first international case study competition, representing FEP in Seattle. Three years later, and with the precious guidance and knowledge of two FEP teachers, we officially became FICT- FEP International Case Team, based in the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto. Since then, the group has participated in dozens of case study competitions all over the world, representing our university and showing true commitment and hard work.

Our club’s activity mainly consists of solving cases studies: regularly, teams of 3-4 students meet to solve a company’s real-life business issue by providing realistic solutions that consider logistical and financial aspects. We follow this resolution with the presentation of the case to our FICT Coordinators, who analyze and comment on each team, giving us the opportunity to improve our case and resolution analysis, as well as our presentation skills.

Alongside this training, FICT also provides us with FICTionary sessions, workshops, contact with FICT Alumni and an extensive network of companies, helping us improve our soft and hard skills, such as teamwork, proactivity, critical thinking, and many consultancy skills.



Make FEP a global reference in case solving.


To train our members in consultancy and soft skills, as well as growing

the case study resolution culture at FEP and the country.


Inês de Castro

General Director

Leonor Caramujo

Human Resources Director

Inês Quintal

Marketing Director

Ana Ramos

Hugo Leitão

Inês Esteves

Inês Moura

João Rocha

Lara Forte

Mafalda Sanches

Nuno Cassiano

Pedro Santiago

Rodrigo Neto

Rui Massena

Sebastião Leite

Tiago Silva

Vasco da Silva

Catarina Roseira

Club Advisor

Renata Blanc

Club Advisor